Interface / interventions


The natural world plays an important role in the forming of the human consciousness.The boundlessness of the physical world and man's capacity to comprehend it. I try to use the "Site" and "Non-site" - the natural environment and the studio/gallery space - as an analogy for the dual landscapes existing within our mind and the one we experience.


By working in and with the land itself I am able to move away from seeing my environment as a clearly delineated place and more towards it being a structure for experience in the form of intervention. These actions in the landscape explore the interface between the natural and the manmade and the sculptural and philosophical implications of their interactions.


Often time-based and non-permanent, these works allow for and acknowledge the inevitable shifts that occur between the physical and conceptual world. Things are in constant transformation, appearing and disappearing. The mirrored opening of our perception and consciousness ever moving and being obscured.