My Art is an observation of shifting boundaries:


What we believe in landscape to be truly 'wild' - a wind-blasted coast; a moorland fell - is often subtly written over by the human hand with ancient dry-stone walls, treelines and furrows. They shape and arrange nature’s relentless advance, and in turn, the weathering elements undo what Man proposes.


It is in these lawless margins that I believe extraordinary beauty in colour, texture, and form can arise. In my work I attempt to record these liminal places where countless exchanges between nature and humanity unfold, where the boundaries we set up submit to nature’s will.


When creating a piece of work, I find that the materials allow me to explore this interface between the natural and the man-made. The marks made and the surfaces and forms left become new shifting boundaries - the point of direct physical proximity between my hand and the word I experience.


Me at work in my studio